Transportation PT Companies

BlackBox GPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Asia>>India

Blackbox GPS Technology Pvt Limited is one of the pioneer in the field of GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management Solutions in India and is doing R&D in this field since 2000 when other GPS based tracking was thought to be a think of. We have planned our 1st generation of offline Vehicle Management System in the field back in 2003 (when other have not conceived the idea) thus giving us more than 10 years of extensive field experience which has enabled us to develop a highly sophisticated, most reliable and stable practical solution in the market today. Presently we are into our 4th generation of patented “BlackBox” Tracking System which makes use of GPRS communication for Real-Time Tracking & Monitoring. We Proud to announce that our extensive research and dedication has made us fastest-growing GPS Tracker Company in India.

PT Stock Value Indonesia

Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Jakarta raya

PT Stock Value IndonesiaJl Jend Sudirman 71 S Widjojo Lt 8,Senayan Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 14240 Indonesia 021 5205853 <a href=""></a>PT Stock Value Indonesia PT Stock Value PT Stock Value IndonesiaJl Jend Sudirman 71 S Widjojo Lt 8,Senayan Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 14240 Indonesia 021 5205853 Stock Value Indonesia PT Stock Value

PT Citra Tirtamas

Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Jakarta raya

PT Citra Tirtamas adalah perusahaan penyedia peralatan, perlengkapan, pabrikasi, analisa, rancangan sistem, dan kontraktor pengolahan air bersih dan air limbah. PT Citra Tirtamas adalah perusahaan nasional yang berkiprah dalam industri pengolahan air bersih dan air limbah, serta berpartisipasi secara aktif dan dinamis membangun berbagai jenis instalasi pengolahan air, dengan prinsip bahwa kepuasan klien adalah prioritas utama. Sejalan dengan perkembangan pembangunan di Indonesia, PT Citra Tirtamas yang didirikan pada Oktober 2011, telah berhasil mengerjakan berbagai jenis proyek pengolahan air bersih, air minum dan air limbah. Seiring kiprahnya di industri pengolahan air, PT Citra Tirtamas telah menunjukkan banyak keunggulan, antara lain dengan menjadi mitra kerja yang handal, baik di mata klien, maupun mitra kerja, dengan dukungan sumber daya manusia yang kompeten sebagai aset perusahaan. Dengan semakin ketatnya persaingan dalam bidang pengolahan air, maka PT Citra Tirtamas berkomitmen teguh untuk menyediakan produk pengolahan air yang berkualitas tinggi, dengan penyelesaian tepat waktu, efisiensi biaya, serta kepedulian yang tinggi terhadap kelestarian lingkungan. Komitmen tersebut telah menempatkan PT Citra Tirtamas sebagai perusahaan yang kredibel dalam bidang pengolahan air yang dipercayakan oleh klien

PT Banyutek Nusantara

Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Jawa barat

PT Banyutek Nusantara adalah sebuah perusahaan yang berfokus pada bidang pengolahan air secara menyeluruh meliputi air bersih, air minum dan air limbah. Didirikan pada tahun 2011, PT Banyutek Nusantara telah memiliki banyak pengalaman menangani berbagai masalah air di kalangan industri, pabrik, perkantoran, hotel, perumahan, restoran, dll. Dalam operasional dan aktivitas, kami didukung oleh tenaga-tenaga ahli dan profesional serta berpengalaman di bidangnya masing-masing, mulai dari penyediaan peralatan dan perlengkapan, analisa, rancangan sistem, kontraktor, dan pabrikasi. PT Banyutek Nusantara juga mengimpor semua suku cadang dan perlengkapan lainnya dari Amerika Serikat, Kanada, Italy, Jerman, India dan China. Semua ini dilakukan dengan tujuan agar kami dapat melayani semua permasalahan  pada air, dengan tetap memperhatikan kualitas produk. Semenjak berdirinya, PT Banyutek Nusantara terus bertumbuh dan berkembang menjadi perusahaan Pengolahan Air Bersih (Water Treatment), Pengolahan Air Minum (Drinking Water Treatment) dan Pengolahan Air Limbah (Wastewater Treatment). Menggunakan berbagai macam teknologi dan kelengkapan produk kami, PT Banyutek Nusantara akan terus menjaga konsistensi kualitas dan mutu produknya serta menciptakan inovasi-inovasi baru sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan

PT Tirtatech Resources

Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Jakarta raya

PT Tirtatech Resources is a specialist company engaged in the field of providers of various kinds of equipment for water treatment, well equipment, media and systems. Established in 2004, PT Tirtatech Resources has extensive experience handling a wide variety of problems ntuk water, both in the residential, commercial and industrial. PT Tirtatech Resources to import spare parts and equipment from several countries including America, Europe and Asia so that our products have a longer durability, efficiency and produce the best quality. PT Tirtatech Resources deliver comprehensive services in the field of water treatment with the support of professionals and experienced in their field, with a scope ranging from planning, design, fabrication, installation, testing & commissioning and procurement of spare parts and consumables. With the presence of PT Tirtatech Resources is expected to provide an integrated solution to all people, especially in the field of water treatment

Lead Optimize Professional & Consistent Marketing

Location: North America>>United states>>Texas

A complete marketing department for your business. We drive consistent branding, generate leads, and support sales people. We focus on marketing support for companies in the manufacturing, distributors and capital equipment industries. Lead Optimize is the most cost effective and professional outsourced marketing department for small and medium businesses. Our passion is to develop, implement, and manage marketing systems that generate profitable sales for our clients.


Location: N/A

ESABINDO PRATAMA.PT have located in JL.PULOGADUNG NO.45, KAWASAN INDUSTRI PULOGADUNG, JAKARTA TIMUR -INDONESIA. ESABINDO PRATAMA.PT go to Asian regional market place since 2007 and go to International market place since 2007. ESABINDO PRATAMA.PT want to introduce to worldwide that we have the best and the genuine products from our store and we want to sell them to you all with the competitive price with best quality and have a nice order with us. Address: KAWASAN INDUSTRI PULOGADUNG, POSTCODE/ZIP: 43169 Tel: 62-21-4600188

P. T. Pjm

Location: Asia>>Indonesia

P.T. PJM is member of Pura Group which its main business is to produce non-edible vegetable oil. The head office is located in Kudus, Central Java - Indonesia. P.T. PJM have done a lot of research about producing some kinds of non-edible vegetable oil. With modern processes, P.T. PJM offers good quality of products, fast production processes, controlled qualities from raw material to end product sent to you as our customer. Address: Indonesia - Raya

PT. Dwikreasi Media

Location: N/A

PT. Dwikreasi Media the one stop computer solutions shop for Computer parts. Based in Bandung, PT. Dwikreasi Media has a nationwide network covering the entire Indonesian domain. PT. Dwikreasi Media specializes in the selling of Video Cards, Processors, PC Memory, Motheboard, Hard Drives. Renowned more for its after-sales support, PT. Dwikreasi Media offers its merchandise at competitive prices. PT. Dwikreasi Media believes in business values that ensure high-caliber customer relations, outperforming client... Address: Jl. Ranca Goong No. 31 Tel: 62-22-5126984 Fax: 62-22-5126993

PT. Dermawan Timber Tbk.

Location: North America>>Haiti>>Sud

PT. Dermawan Timber is a foreign invested joint Stock company with the approval by Indonesia Ministry of Commerce with RMB134 millions as its registered equity capital. PT. Dermawan Timber business is covering production of plywood flooring, engineered decorative wood, log other relative auxiliary materials, paper one, sale of timbers and an International trade of all unlimited commodities.PT. Dermawan Timber is capable of producing 100 thousands cubic meters of plywood flooring and 60 thousands cubic meters of engineered... Address: Jln. Kl Yos Sudarso Km 7, POSTCODE/ZIP: 20234 Tel: 62-61-91615899 Fax: 62-61-91615888


Location: Asia>>Indonesia

PT. KORMA JAYA UTAMA (KJU) is the producer of soy sauce, branded Address: Indonesia - Raya


Location: N/A

We sell oxydation-resistant graphite for aluminum foundries and casthouses, such as Shaft and rotor/impeller for rotary degasser that could be custom made to fit many type of degasser (GBF, FDU, Alcan compact degasser, Alpur, Hycast and Hoescht) according to the drawing supplied to us. Our current satisfied buyers are the major producer of aluminum products in Indonesia, such as PT. Astra Honda Motor(Honda), PT. Indonesia Smelting Technology(Toyota Tsusho) which supplied 100 tones of molten aluminum to PT. Central Motor Wheel Indonesia... Address: Taman Permata Indah II Blok A/4 Rt.011/014 Kel. Pe, POSTCODE/ZIP: 14450 Tel: 62-21-66602536 Fax: 62-21-66603532

PT. Malindo Mineral Mining

Location: Africa>>Congo>>Alima

We PT. MALINDO GROUP, which is PT. MALINDO BARA MURNI and PT. Malindo Mineral Mining are a Mining and Trade company basis at Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, which is sell an Indonesian Iron Ore and Steam Coal with good quantity and quality, Our mining locate at South Kalimantan, Indonesia.As known, that Iron Ore and Steam Coal is very important and almost reguired by all nation and state, to establish as a power supply and as the stell mill production. If you are interesting, please check our website... Address: Kalimantan Selatanbanjarmasinkomp. Bina Brata, POSTCODE/ZIP: 74321 Tel: 62-0856-51369112 Fax: 62-0856-51369112


Location: Asia>>myanmar>>Shan

We designed the expert powder compacting press and manufactured the machines from 1 ton to 1000 ton. Now, we have PB-1ton, PB-3 ton, PB-6 ton,PB-12 ton, PB-20 ton, PT-5 ton, PT-20 ton, PT-30 ton,PTS-20 ton, PT-40 ton, PT-50 ton,PT-60 ton, PT- 80 ton, PT-100 ton, PT-150 ton, PT-250 ton, PT-350 ton, PT-600 ton, PT-800 ton, PT-1000 ton warm compaction and manipulator, etc. Address: No 6, Der Shing 3 Rd,tung Shang Hsiang, I-lan Hsie Tel: 886-39-904668 Fax: 886-39-904345

PT. Hamu Projector

Location: N/A

PT. Hamu Projector, a growing company moves in distribution of branded projectors. PT. Hamu Projector was established in 2005. Nowadays PT. Hamu Projector has employed more than 100 skilled employers. PT. Hamu Projector ready give you you the best service and best price. Address: Jl. Melanthon No. 35, POSTCODE/ZIP: 10513 Tel: 62-21-91297649 Fax: 62-21-91297641


Location: Asia>>Indonesia

Company History and Business Concerned PT. Multi Coating Indonesia steel (PT. MCI) , mcisteel. com is the Steel Product and Construction services which have recommended company by the Branded Vehicle and Electronic companies in Indonesia. PT. MCI steel have operated in Indonesia since 2004 with other name (PMC) and have processing many Metal & steel Product and Steel Construction project from many companies in Indonesia, since January 2008 the company has been changing the name with PT. Multi Coating... Address: Indonesia - Raya


Location: Asia>>Indonesia>>Bali

BALI CYCLE PT is the distinctive leader in the bicycle industry. BALI CYCLE PT are set up to allow anyone from the beginning cyclist to the professional athlete to take advantage of our passion for cycling and multisport. Other shops talk about customer satisfaction, BALI CYCLE PT are experts in customer enthusiasm. It is our mission to provide the finest products, specialists and services seamlessly integrated to efficiently create the bike of your dreams. Address: Jl Gunung Agung 140 C-D, POSTCODE/ZIP: 14251 Tel: 62-361-7461 28581 Fax: 62-361-746128582

PT. Sapta Indra Sejati

Location: N/A

PT. Sapta Indra Sejati What eventually became SIS, started out as a small contractor for heavy machinery equipment under the name of Dianlia Setyamukti. Already early on, we recognised the potential of Indonesia's mining industry and soon became a sub-contractor; quickly evolving into a mining contractor. Among the first clients were PT Adaro Indonesia and PT Berau Coal. In 2002, shareholders and management agreed to gradually transfer all operational activities including manpower and assets to PT Sapta Indrasejati... Address: Jl. TB. Simatupang, POSTCODE/ZIP: 12430 Tel: 62-21-7693378

PT. Anugerah Rezqina Semesta

Location: N/A

PT. Anugerah Rezqina Semesta is a privately owned shipping company located in Jakarta, a subsidiary of PT. PAB which has established since 1975, provides a comprehensive range of services for the shipping business.PT. Anugerah Rezqina Semesta owns and operates : * Landing Crafts Transport ( LCT) * Bulk Carrier * Tugboats and Barge * Bunker Services and Oil Barge * Crew boats, Utility vessels, AHTS, and Supply Vessels * We also providing extensive port services... Address: Jl. Walang Baru VI No. 10, Tugu Utara, POSTCODE/ZIP: 14260 Tel: 62-21-43905765


Location: N/A

PT Sri Mukti Raya is a corporated Company of LPG Gas Filling Station and a trusted Steel Distributor in East Java Indonesia. Our company has been trusted for Oil and Gas National Company and has many joint corporations with many well trusted oil and gas companies in Indonesia (PT Pertamina (Persero) , PT Shell Indonesia, PT Petrochina, etc) . Our company's well certificate and distributor has been supplying for many industrial needs and marine needs of Steel Plates with certain types and Aluminium Plates with certain type and use.... Address: Dharma Husada Mas AA-3, POSTCODE/ZIP: 60115 Tel: 62-31-5998760 Fax: 62-31-5982166

Weddings - Moruya Golf Club

reception and let her attention to detail and expertise make your special day one to remember. To Organise Your Wedding Call (02) 4474 2300 and ask for Louise or send an email to To make a booking enquiry please click here

Mozart Residence

Mozart Residence Mozart's Birthplace Mozart's Birthplace Getreidegasse 9 A-5020 Salzburg Get directions Tel.: +43-662-84 43 13 Fax: +43-662-84 06 93 Opening hours Daily: 9 am – 5.30 pm July / Augst: until 8.30 am – 7.00 pm (last

Diplomado “Nuevas Estrategias de Comercio Electrónico” | Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico

actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : Agencia Free Press : Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Se encuentra usted aquí Inicio Noticias Diplomado “Nuevas Estrategias

1 Day Bahama Cruise cheapest way to Grand Bahama Island $99.

cruise 1 Day cruise, leaves every day (except wednesday), rates starting at $98 plus tax per person, for details please call 954-969-0069 We are now offering 1 Day Passes, at the same rate of $119.00 per person, including taxes, at the beautiful All-Inclusive

Hangout: proyecto de reforma de estatutos de la CCCE | Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico

actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : Agencia Free Press : Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Afíliese Inicie el proceso de afiliación a la CCCE. Conozca el

Cape Town Services Travel Services in Cape Town - Cape Town Services

scuba diving, professional anglers and more. You can enjoy these from either our catered or self-catering options. Telephone: 071 602 1803 Cape Town based Travel services. If you require a Travel service simply follow the links to the below services.

Eventos realizados y apoyados por la CCCE en septiembre y octubre 2017 | Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico

actuales Biblioteca Empleo Pagos Contacto : Agencia Free Press : Skype : cccelectronico Tels : +57 (1) 300 4537 / +57 (320) 425 8673 Bogotá D.C. - Colombia Afíliese Inicie el proceso de afiliación a la CCCE. Conozca el

Mayfair Luxury Goods, London Luxury Goods W1 Mayfair

and give advice on restoration, for which we are renowned. 34 Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London. W1J 0QA. Telephone Phone: 020 7499 6337 send a message view their website view more details Globe-Trotter Globe-Trotter is a modern heritage brand established

Founding Partner - The Iceberg

business intelligence, SaaS e-commerce software, and content marketing solutions. Northstar offers unparalleled… Phone: +1 201-902-2000 Website: View website View Partner Meet Middle East Published: 4th January 2017 Category: Media Publications

2017 Christmas Festival FundraiserLions Tigers and Bears

8217; opportunity and a Holiday Drink (must be 18+ years to feed). ** Child rates are for 12 years and under. Call to RSVP (619) 659-8078 option 2 or buy an event ticket below. Member Non-Member VIP Member VIP Non-Member Download our Holiday Flyer to